March 2020 Reviews Roundup

Almost forgot to publish this.


  1. The Star in the Forest by Helen Kellock
  2. Why Do I Feel Like This? by Shinsuke Yoshitake
  3. Art of Pernille Ørum
  4. Collecting Moments: A Guide To Retro Journaling
  5. The Art of Death Stranding
  6. The Art of Trollhunters
  7. Get Up & Gouache by Jessica Smith
  8. Tate: Project Print: 30 projects to spark your creativity
  9. 365 Days of Creativity: Inspire Your Imagination with Art Every Day

Product reviews

  1. Fabriano 5 Watercolour Paper (50% cotton)
  2. Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache
  3. ASUS MB16AMT Portable Touchscreen Monitor
  4. Veikk A15 Pro drawing tablet
  5. AmazonBasics Fountain Pen
  6. Lochby Tool Wrap for Artists and Writers
  7. Lochby Pocket Journal
  8. Lochby Field Journal
  9. PV19 comparison

Youtube videos

  1. Review: Fabriano 5 Watercolour Paper (50% cotton)
  2. Amsterdam Central Station sketch (timelapse)
  3. Trying Gouache for the First Time
  4. Now's Not the Right Time to Go Out
  5. Asus MB16AMT Portable Monitor (review)
  6. Items for sale - Fundraising for Marissa Sacco
  7. #uskathome - Share Your Home Sketches
  8. Drewscape's Singapore 2050 Comic Interview
  9. Temple of the Jade Mountain (timelapse sketching tutorial)
  10. AmazonBasics Fountain Pen (review)
  11. Mijello Book Palette (review)
  12. Book Review: How to Paint Landscapes Quickly and Beautifully in Watercolor and Gouache
  13. Pigment PV19 Comparison
  14. Sketchwalk at Liang Court (Feb 2020)

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