Review: Lochby Pocket Journal

The Lochby Pocket Journal is one of three products I received from Lochby recently. The other two are the field journal and tool wrap.

This is actually a case that can hold an A6-sized portrait format journal.

The case is made with tough canvas that looks and feels really durable.

The stitching is good. Edges seem to be extra thick for extra protection against wear and tear.

On the front are two pockets that can be used to hold writing stationery. These pockets are really tight so you don't have to worry about your pens falling out accidentally.

On the back is a velcro pocket.

There's a zip to protect the journal within.

From what I've read on Lochby's website, this case will come with a 3.5" x 5.5" dot grid journal. Plain and ruled journals are also available. You can of course use your own journals as long as the size can fit in this case.

Behind the front cover are some pockets you can use to put business cards and other items.

You can slide the back cover of the journal into the back pocket of the case. This gives you access to the front pockets.

Or slide both covers into the front and back pockets. This prevents the front cover of the journal from moving around, but you lose access to the pockets.

The Lochby Pocket Journal looks good and functional. The main selling point here is this product will protect your journal and sketchbooks against wear and tear. The official retail price is US $34 at the time of this review. It's pricey to me but it's a durable product that's made to last.

You can find more details of the Lochby Pocket Journal at


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