My art and sketching courses

My name is Teoh Yi Chie (aka Parka) and I've been into urban sketching since 2009. I share my art and process on my Instagram page and Youtube channel.

If you want to learn more about urban sketching, drawing with pen, ink and watercolour, check out the online art courses I have released over the years.

So what's the difference between the Youtube videos and these paid courses?
At the time of writing, I've over 250 free tutorials on my Youtube channel. Many of these tutorials are condensed versions of the full-length tutorials and courses I've made for sale. If you don't want to spend money, you can still learn a lot from the free tutorials.

My paid courses offer a more structured approach to learning. The lessons are guided step by step and more comprehensive. This can help you save time compared to searching online for free tutorials online which are not in sequence. You don't know what you don't know so you may not know what learning materials to search for online.

My courses are available on my Skillshare, Gumroad and Patreon pages.

Below are the differences between the three platforms.


Skillshare is a subscription based service with lots of education content. You can think of Skillshare as Youtube but with a focus on education and teaching. On Skillshare are more than 35,000 courses on art, design, web development, videography, photography, productivity, marketing, lifestyle and more.

Skillshare subscription cost US $32 monthly, or US $168 yearly (average $14/month).

It is pricy but you have access to a huge variety of courses and teachers, including me and my courses.

All my courses are available on Skillshare.

Teachers earn from the subscription revenue pool, and are paid according to how much time students spend watching the videos.


Gumroad is an online marketplace for creators to sell digital products and merchandise.

With Skillshare and Patreon subscription, you can get access to all my courses. The courses on Gumroad are sold separately. Most of my courses are available on Gumroad.

Creators earn the bulk of each Gumroad sale less platform fees.


Patreon is a subscription service where you can support your favourite creators by pledging a certain amount of money monthly.

These are the rewards for the three tiers on my Patreon page:

  • US $3/month - Access to monthly newsletter
  • US $5/month - Access to monthly newsletter and my courses
  • US $10/month - Access to monthly newsletter, my courses and livestream sketching session

All my courses are available to my patrons.

Creators earn the bulk from the subscription less platform fees. This is the best way to support creators directly.

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