Review: Lochby Tool Wrap for Artists and Writers

The Lochby Tool Wrap is one of three products I received from Lochby recently. The other two are the field journal and pocket journal.

This works like a pen roll for your drawing or writing tools. There are nine elastic slots, some are double sized so you can put larger tools, like thicker markers. The tallest item I have in this tool wrap is the Pentel Colour Brush Pen. Even with that in, the top and bottom flap can still be closed.

There are also pockets behind the elastic slots to hold even more stationery.

Behind the front cover is a zipped mesh pocket to put small items.

The material used to make the wrap is some tough canvas. Stitching looks good. This looks like it will last and can stand up to abuse.

There are several slots outside on the cover. Depending on how many tools you pack, you can adjust the strap and use the appropriate slot.

The wrap can be rolled.

Whether I roll or keep it flat will depend on the other items in my backpack. So I can shape the tool wrap to fit in my bag.

It's a well made product. Compared to putting your writing or drawing tools in a pencil case, the elastic slots can protect the pens, pencils or markers individually because they don't get knocked or jumbled around. And it's also easier to see where all your tools are at a glance since you can lay out the wrap flat.

The official retail price is US $39 and is available

Do check out other products they have.


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