PV19 Comparison

PV19 comes in different variants.

From Daniel Smith, there are Quinacridone Rose, Quinacridone Red and Quinacridone Violet. Based on the swatches I've painted, it's kinda difficult to differentiate between Quinacridone Red and Quinacridone Rose but the latter is supposed to be cooler, leans towards purple.

From Schmincke, there are Ruby Red, Permanent Carmine and Quinacridone Violet. As you can see, Schmincke names these colours differently from Daniel Smith. There's a more noticeable difference between Ruby Red and Permanent Carmine with the latter appearing to be slightly softer/muted.

You can see more PV19 swatches on Jane Blundell's website.

These mixes below are ordered Schmincke Ruby Red, Permanent Carmine and Quinacridone Violet.

The red variant of PV19 is quite a versatile colour. You can mix skin tones, orange and reds when added to cool or warm yellows. Since it's able to mix a red, you can considering using this as a primary red in your palette.

A cool red and warm blue would produce the most vibrant purple or violet and that's the case here (top left) with Schmincke's Ruby Red and French Ultramarine.

Here how the PV19s look when neutralised with Sap Green and Phthalo Green.


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