June 2015 reviews

The highlight of June 2015 would probably be Kim Jung Gi's new sketchbook Omphalos and Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi (I love sketchbooks).

Here's the list of all artbooks and other items reviewed last month.

Art products

I managed to get Lachri to write a few coloured pencils reviews, and also invited some artists to review the new pen display tablets that came out recently, namely the Huion GT-185HD and Yiynova MVP22U+RH.

Art video courses

I've recently discovered Craftsy.com and signed up for a few video courses there. I want to highlight the courses by Shari Blaukopf and Matt Rota which are fantastic. Check them out if you want to learn watercolour, or pen and ink techniques.


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What do I do with the money? They are used to pay guest artists who wrote many of the art product reviews. It's better to get experts in their field to write those reviews than me who's going to take eons.

Hanoi Travelogue

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I'm currently working, slowly, on my next PDF e-book for my Hong Kong trip three weeks ago.


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