April 2015 reviews

Here's the list of books and other items reviewed this month. From today onwards, I'll be compiling the list of books reviewed each month to give you a quick summary in case you miss out on any books.

Every month is a busy month but this month I've managed to review all the artbooks that were on the backlog. By backlog, I mean books that I bought months ago. It feels great to finally be able to clear the backlog because those books have been sitting on the floor at home and piling up.

Alright, here are the books featured this month.

I've also reviewed some art products. For those I wasn't able to review, I invited guest artists to write them, and they did a fantastic job with their detailed and informative reviews. I'm grateful for their help.

And these below are other miscellaneous books featured, the comics and graphic design books.

Bandung Sketchwalk

I just came back today from the Bandung sketchwalk in Indonesia. It was a sketching event where sketchers from other countries were invited. I've shot some video and hopefully can compile them together and share them with you all this week.

For this trip, I brought a 48-page Strathmore sketchbook and managed to fill it all up during my 4 days there. I'll be creating a flip-through of my sketchbook with narration. The sketches will be posted on the blog too and I'll create a PDF e-book which is going to be free for download. The e-book is free because I sketched only 48 pages. By the way, I'm still working on putting the finishing touches to the Hanoi travelogue e-book which will be out sometime this month.


As usual, I need to promote the Patreon page for Parkablogs.

Check out the Patreon page and support me there to support the work I do here. Patreon is a crowdfunding website. The money is used to fund the blog, e.g. hire guest artists for reviews, etc.

Thank you very much!


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