Book Review: Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

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Akira Toriyama has inspired a whole new generation of comic artists, with his masterpiece Dragon Ball Z. JACO- The Galactic Patrolman is the latest work from him. The comic was originally published in 2013 in Japanese.

The premise of an alien who accidentally landed on Earth is not original but Akira Toriyama manages to put his unique style and gives the “fish out of water” genre a new twist. The characters in the comic are always funny and this Manga legend is at his top form when conjuring out strange and quirky characters.

There’s JACO, the galactic patrolman whose mission is to maintain the peace of the universe and Omori, the old man he befriended, who has a secret past. Plus a cast of weird characters and inventive machines - that is the universe that Akira Toriyama creates.

The art is great and the panels are very well thought out, particularly the way he crafted the action scenes and panels. Toriyama’s comic are always fun and light-hearted. I finished the entire comic in one sitting although it was 240 odd pages.

The bonus for this comic includes a special chapter that reveals the secret origin of Goku in Dragon Ball. Fans of Akira Toriyama will definitely love this latest work.

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