June & July 2019 Roundup


  1. Urban Sketch Book Band II
  2. Nemiri Book
  3. Ocean by Hélène Druvert, Emmanuelle Grundmann
  4. Geoff Kersey's Pocket Book for Watercolour Artists
  5. The Watercolor Ideas Book
  6. How to Draw: A Comprehensive Drawing Course by Ian Sidaway and Susie Hodge
  7. He Shi: Chen Yu Yu Works
  8. Disappear for a While by Dai Dai Yao
  9. The Art of Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  10. Working with Color (The Urban Sketching Handbook)
  11. Seekers comics anthology
  12. Webb on Watercolor
  13. Pure Watercolour Painting: Classic Techniques for Creating Radiant Landscapes
  14. Colors of Asia: Painting by Francesco Lietti
  15. How to Read a Modern Painting: Lessons from the Modern Masters

Product reviews

  1. Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 pen display
  2. XP-Pen Deco Pro graphics tablet
  3. Huion HS610 Graphic Tablets
  4. Huion KAMVAS 16 pen display
  5. Diamine Lilac Satin & Firestorm Red
  6. The Road to Marvel's Avengers: Endgame - The Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  7. Veikk A15 Drawing Tablet (10 x 6 inches)
  8. Field Easel Art Bag from Darsie Beck
  9. ArtGraf Monochromatic Set
  10. ArtGraf Earth Tone 6-piece Set
  11. ArtGraf Color Set - Is this actually Graphite? (review)
  12. BenQ SW271 monitor
  13. Turner Artists' Watercolour

Youtube videos

  1. Amsterdam 2019 Sketchbook Tour
  2. An Urban Sketcher's Galway by Roisin Cure (book review)
  3. Sketching Amsterdam on the last day
  4. USK Symposium 2020 Location Reveal - #uskamsterdam2019 part 6
  5. More Sponsor booths - USK Symposium Amsterdam - Part 5
  6. Workshops, Sponsor booths - USK Symposium Amsterdam - Part 4
  7. Visiting Royal Talens - USK Symposium Amsterdam - Part 3
  8. Behind the Scenes at USK Symposium Amsterdam - Part 2
  9. I'm here! USK Symposium Amsterdam - Part 1
  10. Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Pen Display (review)
  11. Is a US $2 Knockoff "Lamy" Brush Pen any good?
  12. Clemenceau Bridge (Sketching Bridges of Singapore River)
  13. Webb on Watercolor (book review)
  14. XP-Pen Deco Pro graphics tablet (review)
  15. My USK Symposium Amsterdam packing list
  16. Maimeriblu Art Haul July 2019
  17. Drawing with my non-dominant hand, my left hand
  18. All I Know About Watercolour Pans
  19. The Art of Heikala: Works and thoughts (book review)
  20. Ord Bridge (Sketching Bridges of Singapore River)
  21. Review: Huion Kamvas 16 pen display
  22. My favourite pens for sketching
  23. Red Jasper Genuine (Daniel Smith Watercolor)
  24. Strengthen Your Paintings with Dynamic Composition (book review)
  25. My Current Palette (July 2019)
  26. ArtGraft Monochromatic Set (review)
  27. Veikk A15 budget drawing tablet (review)
  28. Low vs High Tinting Strength
  29. Field Easel Art Bag for sketchers
  30. Cozy Days: The Art of Iraville (book review)
  31. Parblo Coast16 giveaway, USK Symposium 2019 & other announcements
  32. Visit the Gatot Indrajati exhibition at ACM
  33. The wrong way to make Burnt Sienna
  34. Pre-USk Amsterdam Symposium Q&A Livestream
  35. Anderson Bridge (sketching tutorial)
  36. Pure Yellow + Magenta + Cobalt Blue Deep (Limited Palette)
  37. Anderson Bridge (Sketching Bridges of Singapore River)
  38. Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing Vol 10 (book review)
  39. ArtGraf Earth Colours Set (review)
  40. My Active Sketchbooks (2019)
  41. How Mac and Windows handle 4K and Scaling
  42. Granulating BLUE watercolour paint
  43. Read Bridge (1889) (Sketching Bridges of Singapore River)
  44. Etherington Brothers Deluxe Collection II (book review)
  45. How to pack light for your sketching trip overseas
  46. Can you put watercolour paint in waterbrushes?
  47. Sketching Elgin Bridge with Pen, Ink & Watercolour (Timelapse Tutorial)
  48. Review: Indigo Artpapers 100% cotton handmade watercolour paper
  49. Quinacridone Coral, Benzimida Yellow, Manganese Blue Hue (Limited Palette)
  50. Draw People Every Day by Kagan McLeod
  51. Elgin Bridge (Sketching Bridges of Singapore River)
  52. Cavenagh Bridge (Sketching Bridges of Singapore)
  53. De Atramentis CMYK coloured inks (Part 2/2)
  54. Sketching with De Atramentis CMYK coloured inks (Part 1/2)
  55. Artgraf Color Set - Watersoluble Graphite (Review)
  56. Making Marks: Architects' Sketchbooks (book review)
  57. Cleaning off India Ink with the Bombay Pen Cleaner
  58. Painting a Turner Artists' Watercolour Chart
  59. BenQ SW271 4K Photographer Monitor Review (Re-upload)
  60. Drawing at the Singapore Zoo (March 2019)
  61. Huion HS610 graphics tablet works on Android too
  62. Book Review: A Watercolour a Day by Oscar Asensio

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