Colour Chart for the Turner Artists' Watercolour set of 12 x 5ml tubes

This is the colour chart painted with the Turner Artists' Watercolour 12 x 5ml tube set that I bought a few years ago in Tokyo. And this is one of the few watercolour charts I've painted recently. The earlier ones are for Holbein, White Nights and Maimeriblu. You can compare the watercolour charts and see if you can spot any differences.

This brand, as the name suggests, is inspired by legendary painter J. M. W. Turner. The paint is made in Japan. According to the website, there are 148 colours available, of which 65 single-pigment colours. However on Jackson's Art's website, they list 115 colours only, of which 59 are single pigment colours. So perhaps more were added recently. Pricing is quite reasonable. Tubes come in 5ml or 15ml and are sold individually or in sets,

The colours in this 12-tube set are:

  • Permanent Yellow (PY 154) - transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Yellow Ochre (PY 43) - semi transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Permanent Scarlet (PR 188), transparent, LF 2-stars
  • Pyrrole Red (PR 254), semi transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Phthalo Blue (GS) (PB 15), transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Ultramarine (PB 29), transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Sap Green (PG 36, PY 110), transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Phthalo Green (BS) (PG 7), transparnet, LF 3-stars
  • Burnt Sienna (PBr 7), transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Burnt Umber (PBr 7), transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Ivory Black (PBk 6, Pbk 7), semi transparent, LF 3-stars
  • Chinese White (PW 6, PW 7), semi tranparent, LF 3-stars

Lightfast rating with 3 stars is excellent, 2 is good, 1 is fair.

High resolution download of the watercolour chart:

The colours appear to be quite vibrant. They dissolve and mix well. The binder used is gum arabic.

Some of the colours in this set granulate so the mixtures have noticeable texture. The colours don't seem to flow as well compared to the other brands mentioned earlier. Painting totally flat washes is a bit more challenging but can be done with proper techniques of course. I'll need to use these paints more thoroughly before I can say anything conclusive. The quality is good but doesn't seem to be as good compared to the bigger brands like Daniel Smith, Schmincke, etc.

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This brand is not easy to find online. If you want to buy individual tubes, they are available at Jackson's Art (UK).


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