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This book is sponsored by Superani, the same publisher that brought us the sketchbooks of Kim Jung Gi. I received a few books from the publisher that I will feature over the next few weeks.

This book starts with a foreword from Kim Jung Gi that really captures the essence of Nicolas Nemiri's work.

At first I thought this artist was a female but he was not. And at first I though he was an Asian artist but he was not. He understands the sensibility of eastern art the best among European artists. There is a beautiful restraint within the beauty of negative space and effortless brush stroke. The image lingers on for a long time after you're done looking at his work - Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi couldn't have been said it any better.

After I've gone through the book and saw the name of the artist, I had to do a double take. The art in this book looks very much Asian influenced but the artist's name is English. Wow. At first, I didn't even notice the title of the book on the cover as it was handwritten and not obvious. I thought the little box with the name Nicolas Nemiri was actually the name of the publisher. It's not. This guy is good. This is one of the more refreshing artbooks I've seen lately, and it was actually published in 2017. It's amazing I only got to know of it now.

Nemiri Book is a thick 240-page hardcover artbook that features mostly sketches. The paper used is matte and the binding is excellent.

Nicolas Nemiri has a lovely sketchy style. The lines are loose, expressive with the thin and thick strokes. He likes to draw with brushes which is a versatile medium because of the type of lines and textures they can create. His sketches has this casual quick looseness to them. The brush strokes are really expressive. The use of black, white and negative space is marvellous. The character designs look great and storytelling wonderfully subtle.

To say that I'm thrilled by what I see in this book is an understatement. The feel of this book kinda reminds me of this Asian artbook called 松風 by 早稻 (SONG OF SYLVAN by ZAODAO) but Nicolas Nemiri definitely has his own style and it's a very strong visual style.

This is a terrific and inspiring artbook that you probably shouldn't miss out.

Highly recommended!

The book is available for sale at

You can find more art from Nicolas Nemiri at

PS: I actually accidentally tagged this book as Asian Art Books on my blog. Go figure.

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