Book Review: Webb on Watercolor

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Webb on Watercolor is an insightful book filled with insight and knowledge from Frank Webb, a professional artist who has been painting since 1947. This book was originally published in 1990 and this 2018 paperback edition is the reprint from publisher Echo Point Books & Media.

This is not a step-by-step instructional book. This book is a collection of tips and experience from Webb. It covers the basics of making art with a focus on watercolour, and the approach to painting. Much is written about the thought process and explaining the process. Numerous examples are provided with detailed analysis.

Some of the topics covered in this book are not different from other watercolour or art books. However, there's always much to learn since different artist would interpret subjects differently and have their own style. Frank Webb is such an artist, one with a rather stylistic approach that's quite recognisable if you know his work. I love reading about the approach of other artists. Another artist such artist is Charles Reid, whose books I've also featured on my blog before.

This book is for the intermediate artist, those who already know the basics to painting and want to explore and dive deeper into creativity. It's a wonderful reference book that I can easily recommend.

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