November 2015 Reviews

I always feel that time passes so fast whenever I write one of these monthly roundups. November's pretty busy as well and I had to prepare several reviews in advance because I went to Australia for 10 days for my holiday. Did you notice I was not around? :-p


  1. The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie
  2. The Art of Assassin's Creed Syndicate
  3. Harry Potter: The Character Vault
  4. The World of Professor Layton
  5. Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 7
  6. The Art of Zenescope Volume 2
  7. Sketching Guantanamo: Court Sketches of the Military Tribunals, 2006-2013
  8. Imagery from the Bird's Home: The Art of Bill Carman
  9. But I Really Wanted to Be an Anthropologist
  10. Zen Pencils-Volume Two: Dream the Impossible Dream
  11. Colors: A Book About a Magazine About the Rest of the World
  12. Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio
  13. Classic Human Anatomy in Motion: The Artist's Guide to the Dynamics of Figure Drawing
  14. Making and Drawing by Kyra Cane
  15. The Art of the Good Dinosaur
  16. 100 Years Of Color
  17. The Art of Film Volume 2: Fantasy
  18. Color - The Professional's Guide: Understanding, Appreciating and Mastering Color in Art and Design
  19. Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined
  20. Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators: Mastering the Art of Drawing from Memory
  21. Fantastical: The Art of Matt Gaser
  22. Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered
  23. The Third in Line by Mattias Adolfsson

Craftsy courses

I only reviewed one course this month and that is Master Palettes: Exploring Color Mixing by Scott Gellatly.

I'm taking a break from going through the Craftsy courses and also waiting for new courses that are more specific to sketching and watercolour.

Art products

If you're considering whether to get the iPad Pro, here are the reviews by ArtGerm, Ben Bishop and Spencer Nugent.

Youtube videos

At the time I wrote the roundup for October 2015, my Youtube channel had 3,200 subscribers. It has increased to 4,500 this month. Exciting! I also wrote about what I learned from running my Youtube channel.

Here are the videos I created this month.

  1. Guilin Sketchwalk 31 October 2015
  2. Sketching Guantanamo by Janet Hamlim (Sketchbook Feature)
  3. Artist Review: Sailor Music Nib Fountain Pen
  4. Artist Review: Sailor Naginata Fude Nib Fountain Pen
  5. Sketching Kit for My Australia Trip 2015
  6. Melbourne & Sydney Travelogue Sketchbook (Australia 2015) 4K
  7. Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel (Comic Book Review)
  8. Drawing on Sketchbooks vs Loose Sheets
  9. The Blues I Use: Phthalo Ultramarine Prussian Cobalt Cerulean
  10. Review: Beginners Guide to Sketching Characters
  11. Artist Review: Sailor Cross Music Emperor Nib Fountain Pen
  12. Watercolor in Motion by Birgit O'Connor (Book Review)
  13. How to Apply Value Scale to a Sketch
  14. Convey Scale by Adding Human Figures to Sketches
  15. Timelapse of Brunches Cafe Sketch
  16. The Third in Line by Mattias Adolfsson (sketchbook feature)
  17. Review: Winsor & Newton Watercolour
  18. Nov 2015 Sketchwalk SG Heart Map
  19. Artist Review: Sailor Cross Emperor Nib Fountain Pen

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