Anatomy and Figure Drawing Books for Artists

Anatomy and Figure Drawing Books for Artists

These are some anatomy and figure drawing books for artists. They consist of reference books and instructional books.

This list will be constantly updated with new and older books.

List of Anatomy and Figure Drawing Books for Artists



Hey Parka, The "Wizard" books

Hey Parka,
The "Wizard" books in the main picture..are those from the magazine publisher Wizard? As in the comic book Wizard? I used to buy them when I was young and ignored mostly everything in the magazine except the 'how to draw' section.
I guess I'll do a few google searches and find out!

Missing in this very

Missing in this very comprehensive list though are my two favourite anatomy/drawing books: Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Galaxy Books) by Stephen Rogers Peck which is now in paperback reprint (hard cover when I was taking anatomy in college; and a more recent book: Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet and John Davis. This truly delicious anatomy book has many features not found in other artists' texts.

Hey, its a nice list you have

Hey, its a nice list you have made. I just want to advise you to find the book - Die Gestalt des Menschen by Gottfried Bammes. i had a look at some of the books you have listed and I believe and strongly recomend Gottfried Bammes. It is very well explained and the images are very descriptive.

Hey Parka- if you could

Hey Parka- if you could choose, say, 5 or 6 books from this list, which would they be? I can't purchase every book, however tempting. Thanks in advance!

Also, what are your favorite Ghibli-related books? I'm trying to research what Miyazaki took inspiration from, as well as his 'Art of' books.

Hi, On your Flickr account, a

On your Flickr account, a while back, I saw some pictures of a book called "Complete Anatomy and Figure Drawing" by John Raynes, but you never posted a review to it. Is it any worth getting?

Hey Parka i have read all

Hey Parka i have read all these books and you are just recommending those books which are easy to understand but their authors have horrible illustrations and a very bad understanding of anatomy. Andrew Loomis is good to learn drawing. Robert Beverley hale is good only when you are done with learning anatomy and drawing. I have listed the following books in the order they should be studied. These books do frighten you in the start and require a little hard work. But once you are done with these you will never again be afraid of anatomy what so ever.

1, Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck (1982)
2, Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form by Eliot Goldfinger (1991)
3, Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet (2001)

Once should be very conscious about from whom and where are they learning from. Your brain is Not a Dust bin in which everyone can throw their trash!

Sorry parka but Classic Human Anatomy and Figure Drawing: Design and Invention are the worst books i have ever gone through. Totally unauthentic and incomplete books.

Parka, I love all the reviews


I love all the reviews you have done. That's awesome, thanks!

I am wanting to start out figure drawing, with no schooling or educated background. I have doodled for most of my life (about 30 out of my 41 years), and do an okay job at it. But I feel to educated myself properly, I need to start at the beginning. I think that figure drawing is the foundation of what I want to do, so I'm trying to figure out the best resource for taking me step by step. Which book do you feel I could sit down and work my way through to get started?

Thank you for your time, appreciate it.

Jack Faragasso's "Mastering

Jack Faragasso's "Mastering Drawing the Human Figure from Life memory and the Imagination," based on Frank Reilly's method, is by far the most superior drawing instruction book I've ever come across (and I've gone through quite a lot). It's not really for the beginner, (although the author states it is), and is somewhat demanding (even for intermediate students). It's a very unique approach, and should a beginner start with it, so much the better.