Book Review: Constructive Anatomy

Book Review: Constructive Anatomy

Constructive Anatomy is like the volume two to Bridgman's Life Drawing. While the other book deals more with conceptualizing mass and form, this book takes a closer look at the parts of the body.

The commentary talks about the anatomy, mass and movement. He introduces simplified guides to drawing like using cubes to block in the mass first before going into more detail, The muscle drawings although still sketchy are delineated clear enough to show how they affect surface form. Even more detailed discussions on the muscles are dealt with in The Human Machine.

Again, just like other books, the artist with prior knowledge of anatomy will benefit more. It's recommended for intermediate artists and above.

4 out of 5 stars.

Constructive Anatomy - 01

Constructive Anatomy - 02

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Bridgman no doubt was a very

Bridgman no doubt was a very good teacher and still is though his books.
One of the biggest fails on this book is exactly the last image you posted ,that's the inner view of the leg but the foot show the exterior.Besides that it's awesome for intermediate artists.

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