Book Review: Drawing Hands by Carl Cheek

Drawing Hands

Drawing Hands is a very elementary drawing guide for the hands.

The tips given are based on observation rather than instructional. It means that you'll probably have no problem copying hands but constructing poses from imagination will be tougher. For example, when shown the structure of the hand, we know the length of each finger in relation to other. But it doesn't explain that relation in terms of how they can be drawn easily when the fingers are bent and hands turned.

The last section briefly points out the differences between hands of kids, adults and elderly, female and male.

While the book is inexpensive, it has only 48 pages. Overall, it leaves the feeling of wanting to know more techniques on drawing hands.

3 out of 5 stars. Recommended for beginner artists.

Drawing Hands - 01

Drawing Hands - 02

Drawing Hands - 03

Drawing Hands - 04

Drawing Hands - 05

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