January 2019 Roundup


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  1. Giger (Basic Art Series 2.0)
  2. The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
  3. Day & Night: Metropolis
  4. Brittany Sketchbook by Fabrice Moireau
  5. Thomas W. Schaller, Architect of Light: Watercolor Paintings by a Master
  6. Free Hand New Typography Sketchbooks
  7. Alien Covenant: David’s Drawings
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion
  9. Magnificent Fantasy Creatures and How to Draw Them
  10. The Art of Google Spotlight Stories
  11. The LEGO Zoo: 50 Easy-to-Build Animals
  12. Awakening Your Creative Soul: A 52-Week Journey to Artistic Discovery
  13. Fast and Fun Watercolor: Painting Techniques, No Drawing Required!

Product reviews

  1. Sennelier USKbook BLACK Cover (340gsm)
  2. Dell U3219Q 4K IPS monitor
  3. HeroClip, A Rotating Carabiner Hook Clip
  4. Best Black Ink to Refill Brush Pens
  5. Canon LiDE 400 scanner
  6. Kuretake Sumi Brush Pen DT140-13C
  7. Is Glass Dip Pen a Gimmick
  8. Da Vinci Casaneo Watercolour Brush

Youtube videos

By the way, if you don't know, I actually have two Youtube channels. The list of links you see below are from the channel that features sketching and art product reviews. The other channel which is called Parkablogs features only book flipping videos. If you are using the Youtube notification system, you may want to subscribe there to get notifications whenever I post any new content.

  1. Quality Watercolour Supplies Under US $100
  2. Artist/Designer Review: Dell U3219Q 4K IPS Monitor
  3. How the Black Noodle fountain pen works
  4. Book Review: Hello, NY: An Illustrated Love Letter to the Five Boroughs
  5. You Need a Tube Wringer (review) - Gill Manufacturing makes a good one
  6. Chinatown Panorama Sketch (Jan 2019)
  7. Review: De Atramentis Archive Ink
  8. Colouring the Asian Civilisation Museum (Limited Palette series)
  9. Artist Review: Canon LiDE 400 Scanner
  10. I bought a "Black Noodle"
  11. Review: Escoda Perla and Barroco watercolour brushes
  12. Book Review: Memento Bento by Alessandra Criseo
  13. I wanted to sketch some statues but...
  14. Unboxing Dell U3219Q 4K Monitor
  15. Drawing with Thin Lines
  16. Review: Kuretake Synthetic Brush Pen (DT140-13C)
  17. Limited Palette - Perm Alizarin Crimson + Cobalt Blue Deep + Hansa Yellow Medium
  18. Book Review: New Creative Artist by Nita Leland
  19. Heroclip - Versatile Rotating Carabiner Hook Clip (review)
  20. What's it like using the iPad to sketch outdoors?
  21. Drawing with Red Ink, Pencil and Lines
  22. Wacom Bamboo Ink for Note Taking & Handwriting
  23. Does Watercolour Expire or Go Bad?
  24. Affinity Photo Workbook (Book Review)
  25. Sketching at Alsagoff Arab School
  26. Is Glass Dip Pen a Gimmick?
  27. Midpoint Drawing Technique (Tutorial)
  28. Review: Adonit Snap 2 stylus (tested on iOS and Android)
  29. Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson (Book Review)
  30. 2019 New Year Chit Chat (LIVE STREAM)

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Have you ever reviewed or

Have you ever reviewed or heard of a stylus that was for capacitive screens (my device has no digitizer) but was still able to be precise using electrical capacity (maybe AES), able to sense pressure, and possibly have some Bluetooth features? I am pretty sure a capacitive stylus with palm resistance does not exist, but I am hoping to find these other features in a capacitive-compatible stylus! Thank you for any leads you may have!

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