Review: HeroClip, A Rotating Carabiner Hook Clip

When my friend Paul Wang showed me this new clip that he had, I knew I have to buy one.

This is called the HeroClip. It's available in different sizes: mini, small and medium. The one that I have is medium and measures around 7 by 9cm (closed).

It's about the same size as standard carabiners that are used for climbing.

Before the HeroClip, I was using the Muji bag holder. I bought two over the years and lost both. They are too easy to lose. They may be small, more compact and portable, but they are still strong enough to hold heavy bags.

This is how the clip looks when opened. To open it, you first open the spring loaded clip, then rotate the hook.

All the parts are metal except the end of the hook, and the part that rotating part. The non-metal part looks and feels like some sort of hard plastic. The end of the hook has that textured plastic and can hold on to the table top easily.

The medium size HeroClip (which is currently the largest size available) can go under tables that are slightly more than 2cm thick.

Documentation states that the maximum weight it can carry is 27kg. It's definitely more than strong enough to hold heavy backpacks.

Unlike the Muji bag holder, the HeroClip can be clip to the bag handle so it won't get lost that easily.

The overall look, feel and build quality are fantastic. I bought two for myself. I may even buy more. One for each bag I have.

I can definitely recommend this product. 5 out of 5 stars easily for me.


You can find the HeroClip on Amazon via these product links: | | | | | | | |

What a great idea... all those coffee shops with stools and not chairs, so there's no place to put a jacket!

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