Book Review: Rooftops of Paris

Rooftops of Paris

Rooftops of Paris is another gorgeous collection of watercolour sketches from Fabrice Moireau. He has already published a sketchbook on Paris, but this time, the subject is dedicated to roofs, something we don't usually see on the streets.

The 96-page hardcover art book is in squarish format, not the usual landscape format of his other books. The book is still big and the paintings are also printed big. Paper is non glossy and brings out the vibrant colours really well.

If you have the Paris Sketchbook, you'll notice that the cover of this book is actually one of the sketches from there. Only this piece is duplicated, but redone in watercolour.

The sketches are lovely. It's interesting to see Paris surveyed at roof level. The roof tops are made up of so many different shapes and forms. They are sometimes blue, orange, or just light as it reflects off the sun. Occasionally, you can see a statue standing alone amidst the buildings. The chimneypots that sit on roofs are very eye catching with their nice orange against the complementary blue backdrop of roofs - they look like chess pawns.

The architecture of the place is wonderfully captured. You don't see much people on roofs, maybe roofers fixing antennas. What's captured seems like a very quiet and calm Paris when you're viewing it from the top. All sketches come with almost poetic commentary from Carl Norac.

Not all the watercolours are from Fabrice Moireau. Some are from Hiroyuki Sasaki, but they aren't credited by labels so they are hard to spot.

This is a beautiful watercolour sketchbook. Makes me want to go out and sketch each time I flip open the pages.

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Also available in French as Toits de Paris: US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES

Rooftops of Paris - 01

Rooftops of Paris - 02

Rooftops of Paris - 03

Rooftops of Paris - 04

Rooftops of Paris - 05

Rooftops of Paris - 06

Rooftops of Paris - 07

Rooftops of Paris - 08

Rooftops of Paris - 09

Rooftops of Paris - 10

Rooftops of Paris - 11

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