Book Review: Provence Sketchbook

Book Review: Provence Sketchbook

Provence Sketchbook is an enchanting collection of watercolour sketches from Fabrice Moireau. From his tour in Provence, the southeastern region of France, he has made many watercolour impressions and captions, wonderfully detailed, really showing off the architectural styles of the towns and the beauty of the landscape. The houses with weathered bricks and tiled roofs are beautifully painted. The colours and composition are very nice.

The commentary, provided by John Burdett and Philippe Testard-Vaillant, also give additional insight to the place, particularly the historic background.

Highly recommended.


Provence Sketchbook is available at Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | JP)

Provence Sketchbook - 01

Provence Sketchbook - 02

Provence Sketchbook - 03

Provence Sketchbook - 04

Provence Sketchbook - 05

Provence Sketchbook - 06

Provence Sketchbook - 07

Provence Sketchbook - 08

Provence Sketchbook - 09

Provence Sketchbook - 10

Provence Sketchbook - 11

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Wow. What beautiful watercolor-work. I'm just sorry these books have so few pages. I'd much prefer it if they had double that number (right now each one in the set has 96). But indeed, beautiful beautiful work.

Will you be able to get the Oxford Sketchbook soon?! I am eager to see if it's worth a buy.

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