Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

Just bought this recently and it's sold out pretty quickly. I didn't know this was so popular or maybe the print run was small or maybe because it's drawn by Moebius.

Review from Publishers Weekly:

Avant-garde filmmaker Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain) and internationally renowned illustrator Moebius have crafted a graphic tour de force that perfectly fuses their particular sensibilities. Mining Jodorowsky's fascination with religion, mysticism and philosophy, the story follows Alan Mangel, a sixty-year-old professor of philosophy at La Sorbonne, whose world upended when his wife leaves him for another man. Along with Mangel's very public cuckolding comes the loss of the respect of his cult-like cadre of students, all save Elizabeth, a young beauty who claims a vision from God told her she would be impregnated by Mangel and their union would result in the second coming of John the Baptist. Following that statement, Mangel embarks on a spiritually and sexually-charged journey through farcical adventures with Elizabeth, a fellow believer named Muhammad, and the spectacularly-endowed and seemingly insane daughter of a Columbian drug lord, whom Elizabeth and Muhammad believe to be the earthly incarnation of Mary (though hardly virginal), but who comes to believe herself to be Jesusa, the self-proclaimed "androgynous Christ." Loaded with Jodorowsky's signature tropes, the story evolves into a full-blown hyperkinetic self-parody, fully aided and abetted by the loosest, most breezy work Moebius has done in years.

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 01

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 02

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 03

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 04

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 05

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 06

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 07

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart - 08

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I have a few stray issues of

I have a few stray issues of the original print run of this series from DHP and I have enjoyed reading them. One thing that I've noticed from the pages that you've shown is that it's in full color! Why!!!???? The original series was black & white. Have you read the original DHP edition?

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