April 2021 Reviews Roundup

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Below are the artbooks and supplies featured in April 2021.


  1. All Deaths Matter by James Tan
  2. Rey's Anatomy: Figurative Art Lessons From the Classroom
  3. EXPLORER: Futuristic Vehicles for Uncharted Lands
  4. I Am New York by Carlo Stanga
  5. Framed Ink 2: Frame Format, Energy, and Composition for Visual Storytellers
  6. The Art of Dauntless
  7. How To Make Capcom Fighting Characters: Street Fighter Character Design
  8. Once more unto the breach: Samurai Warriors and Heroes in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces
  9. Lee Hammond's All New Big Book of Drawing: Beginner's Guide to Realistic Drawing Techniques
  10. Character Design Quarterly 14
  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania (Japanese edition)
  12. Monster Hunter: World - Official Complete Works
  13. Elizabeth Choy: Her Story by Danny Jalil and Zaki Ragman

Product reviews

  1. List of 100% cotton watercolour sketchbooks (updated)
  2. Lanaquarelle watercolour paper (300gsm 100% cotton)
  3. Watercolour Paint from Blue Pine Arts
  4. Dell U2722DE USB-C Monitor with Ethernet
  5. Watercolour Paper vs Paint vs Brush: Getting the Best Value for Your Money
  6. Kunst & Papier Sketchbook (160gsm, 35% cotton)
  7. Brush Wrap from Blue Pine Arts
  8. Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium (Wireless)

Youtube videos

  1. Collage of Small Sketches
  2. How to prevent your paint tube from exploding (try at your own risk)
  3. Tools and art supplies for black and white sketches
  4. Parblo PR100 tablet stand as an easel
  5. Four Good Books on Colour Theory and Mixing
  6. Tokyo Street Sketch Tutorial (pen & ink, 1pt perspective)
  7. Quinacridone Magenta PR202 vs PR122
  8. How to choose good watercolour paper (Part 2/2)
  9. St Louis Art Supply watercolour sketchbooks (They have HOTPRESS)
  10. Paul Wang's Colour Play Watercolour Dot Card
  11. Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium: Premium Entry From a New Company
  12. M Graham Gouache (review)
  13. Shinhan TOUCH TWIN Brush Markers (review)
  14. Deep Impress: Watercolor Study with Scenery of Bangkok (book review)
  15. How to make a Watercolour Sketch Diorama
  16. How to Choose a Good Watercolour Box Set

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