Review: Alldocube iPlay 60 LITE: 11-inch Android 14 tablet with 4G

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The Alldocube iPlay 60 LITE is an affordable 11-inch Android 14 tablet that comes with 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, microSD card slot and has 4G support. The price of USD 109 on AliExpress is extremely competitive.

Pros and cons at a glance

+ Design looks good
+ Build quality is solid
+ Display is vibrant, bright and sharp
+ Laminated display
+ Has auto brightness
+ Has microSD card slot
+ Has 4G SIM support
+ No bloatware
+ 8 hours or more battery life easily depending on brightness
+ Attractive pricing
- Performance not as responsive compared to iPlay 50 Mini Pro
- Speakers are loud but sound slightly hollow
- No 3.5mm audio jack
- No biometric unlock
- Stock Android has limited features
- USB-C port with USB 2 transfer speed

This tablet is the more affordable version of iPlay 60 that I reviewed a few months ago. And here are the differences:

iPlay 60 iPlay 60 LITE
Display size 10.95-inch 10.95-inch
Resolution 2000 x 1200 1280 x 720
Processor Unisoc Tiger T606 Unisoc Tiger T606
RAM & storage 4GB, 128GB 4GB, 128GB
Battery capacity 7000 mAh 8000 mAh
Pen support Yes, USI pen No
Price USD 159 USD 109

The main differences are resolution, pen support and battery capacity. iPlay 60 is the better tablet, but it's also USD 50 more.


  • Dimensions: 168.3mm x 256.8mm x 8.4mm (HWD)
  • Weight: 544g
  • OS: Android 14
  • Processor: Unisoc® Tiger T606
  • RAM: 4GB RAM+8GB Virtual RAM
  • Storage: 128GB
  • MicroSD card slot: Yes
  • Display size: 10.95 inches IPS
  • Resolution: 1280×800 (138 PPI)
  • Brightness: 300 - 350 nits
  • Front camera: 5MP
  • Back camera: 13MP
  • Cellular: Dual SIM 4G LTE
  • Bluetooth v 5
  • Wifi 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Port: USB 2 type C
  • Battery capacity: 8000 mAh

Things included

The only things included with the purchase are the quick start guide, power adapter, SIM ejection tool and USB-A to USB-C charging cable.

There are several affordable accessories sold on AliExpress for around USD 5 - 10. E.g. Pen, USB-A to USB-C adapter, wireless keyboard, headset with USB-C

The pen shown above comes with a mesh tip and disc tip. It's not an active stylus so there's no palm rejection, tilt and pressure sensitivity.

The wireless Bluetooth keyboard feels cheap because it is cheap. Build quality is flexible. Overall usable. Selling point is it's really compact and lightweight.

The material used to make the cover for the flip case unfortunately attracts fingerprints and dust which are not easy to wipe off.


Design of the tablet looks good.

Bezels are thin and uniform on all sides. A 5MP front camera is in landscape orientation. Body has rounded corners but not the display.

A glossy screen protector is already applied.

Build quality is solid although I don't know what's the back material, probably plastic. The matte texture back is nice to hold. There's a 13MP rear camera with image quality as expected from budget cameras, e.g. good in good light, bad in bad light.

The weight of 544g is considered lightweight for an 11-inch tablet.

Power button and volume control is located on the left when tablet is in landscape orientation. This tablet does not have fingerprint or face unlock. The flip cover does have auto sleep and wake function, but you will have to unlock the tablet manually each time.

It make look like there are four speakers but the surround just sounds like normal stereo. Audio is loud but sounds hollow. The USB-C port has USB 2 transfer speed and cannot output video.

The SIM tray can hold two nano SIMs, or one nano SIM and one microSD card.

Cellular support is for 4G. You'll probably need a headset for making calls as the tablet is difficult to grip with just one hand.


The display is laminated. Colours look alright when you don't compare them to better quality displays. Brightness of 300 nits is bright enough for use in bright environment except under direct sunlight.

I forgot to mention that 11-inch is big enough for reading comics where text size cannot be changed. I do prefer large tablets for reading comics though.

The main limitation of this tablet is resolution is just 1280 x 800. Pixelation is noticeable from one arm's distance away. It would be nice to have higher resolution but the price would be higher too. Refresh rate is 60Hz.

The Unisoc Tiger T606 processor provides smooth enough performance. Responsiveness is certainly not as fast or fluid compared to more expensive tablets but this tablet cannot be considered slow.

4GB of RAM is included. 8GB of virtual RAM shared from internal storage is advertised but that's not really real RAM. When many apps are opened, inactive apps will often reload.

128GB of internal storage is included with storage expansion possible with the microSD card slot.

It is possible to game on this tablet but don't expect to play with the highest graphics settings. Due to the limited resolution, game visuals can look pixelated.

Android 14

The tablet is advertised to be the first in the world to run Android 14.

The OS features are quite limited and the default user interface looks ugly. There's Google Play Store so you can always install your own launcher to get more features and customise the UI to look better. I use Nova Launcher.

Battery life

Battery capacity is 8000 mAh. I was able to get 8 hours of battery life easily with auto brightness. Charging speed is slow though.


A budget tablet will have limitations as expected. Ultimately it really comes down to how much you want to spend. If you want better specs, there are tablets with better specs but be prepared to pay more.

The main selling point of this tablet is obviously the price point and this is a decent tablet for those with limited budget.


The Alldocube iPlay 60 LITE is available on AliExpress.

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