Watercolour palette with tripod mount sold at Straits Art

This is the watercolour palette I saw a few days ago at Straits Art, a local art shop here in Singapore. It's a beautiful and well built palette so I borrowed it to show you guys.

Straits Art told me there's no brand and I could not make out the company or brand on the back of the palette. Without a brand or model, it's difficult to find the same palette online.

This watercolour palette comes in a bundle with two water trays and two water misters. The price is SGD 89 (~USD 65).

There's another accessory for holding additional 45 half pans of colours. This is SGD 45 (~USD 32). This pairs with the main watercolour palette as there are magnets designed for stacking below the watercolour palette.

Design of this watercolour palette is beautiful. It could be made with acrylic because the build quality is solid.

While the watercolour palette has a handle, this palette is probably not meant for outdoor use. It's kinda heavy and the cover is not airtight so paint can leak out.

If you want to use this palette outdoors, you'll have to find some way to prevent the paint from leaking if you want to put the palette in a bag.

A clip is included so that you can clip your watercolour paper pad (max 7 x 10 inches) onto the cover.

Two big water trays are included. The smaller one has two compartments.

The water trays can attach conveniently by the side of the watercolour palette.

The body of the water mister is made with glass unfortunately. Glass is fragile. And the design is cylindrical so the water mister can roll off the table and break.

On the back of the cover are six slots that you can use to adjust the angle of the cover to use as an easel.

This is the tallest angle.

There are 24 slots for holding 24 half pans. And the pans are held in position with blue tack. The half pans are standard size and can be replaced.

The mixing area is matte textured and water can pool easily which is great for colour mixing.

I did not use any paint because I did not want to dirty this palette which isn't mind. I can't buy any more palettes because I have too many at home.

The mixing surface isn't completely white but looks white enough. If you need the surface to be more white, you may have to spray it with white enamelled paint.

The translucent acrylic looks quite nice.

On the back there's a tripod mount made for a 1/4-inch tripod screw.

The watercolour palette is heavy so just make sure to use a stable tripod.

There are magnets at the corners for attaching to the separate 45-pan holder. And there are magnets at the top for holding down the cover.

For SGD $89, it's considered good value for money. It's a beautiful and functional watercolour palette that's very well built. The tripod attachment is useful for artists who want to paint at a certain height.

If you're interested to get this, you can find it at Straits Art. I don't think they ship overseas, but even if they do this palette is going to be heavy and hence expensive to ship from Singapore.


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