Review: Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad (Recycled)

That's the Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad that I've received from Strathmore more than a year ago. I've actually only started using it recently. It's good to see that the pages haven't turned yellow yet.

As I was researching online, I discovered there are two types of 400 series sketch pad. One's with the brown cover and that's like the normal sketchpad. The one I have with the green cover uses 30% recycled material.

Strathmore rates their paper quality from 100-500 series where 500 is their premium quality. 100-300 are student grade practice paper.

This is a wire-bound sketch pad with 100 sheets of 89gsm paper.

The pages are perforated so you can tear them off if you want to.

The paper is meant for dry media because it's not very thick.

You can use ink or ballpoint but the line art will leave an impression on the opposite page, so it's best to draw on just one side.

This sketchbook is best for doodling and practising. I won't want to create any work that I want to keep for archival purposes because the paper is too thin for my liking.

You can use it to test out composition quickly before attempting to create a more serious piece of art.

That's how pencil looks like on the fine grain surface.

This sketch pad is a pretty straight forward product. There are lots of pages for casual practice and drawing, quick sketches.


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