Strathmore paper products I received in this month (Jan 2016)

Strathmore paper - 01

Strathmore said they wanted to send me some stuff a few months ago and they have finally arrived. I didn't know what to expect. Paper products, sketchbooks, of course.

If you've watched my 2015 art supplies haul video a few days ago, you may have heard that I'll not be buying any sketchbooks this year because I just can't use them fast enough. And this batch of goodies came in. So this year, I guess I will really have to draw as much as possible.

Anyway, I don't foresee that I'll be able to review any of the items below in depth within the next few months. But I want to write down some first impressions first.

Strathmore paper - 02
This is the Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pad (spiral). It says that it has medium surface but my fingers tell me they are fine grain. The 130gsm paper is meant for dry media.

By the way, 100 Series from Strathmore refers to student grade and 500 Series represents the professional grade.

Strathmore paper - 03
I've seen this a lot on Amazon. They are actually square pieces of paper that Strathmore says are meant for pattern drawing and meditative art. The one on the left is the 300 Series Artist Tiles that feature vellum surface (smooth) 270gsm paper. Seems like the largest size is 6x6 inches for these tiles.

The other is the 400 Series Artist Tiles. The pack I have features 4x4 inches black 160gsm paper. There are other colours available from Strathmore as well.

Strathmore paper - 04
This is the 400 Series Recycled Sketch Pad. It features 30% recycled material, aka post-consumer fiber. The surface is fine grain and weight is 89gsm. It's meant for dry media. Seems like it's available in spiral bound only. The pages are perforated so you can tear them off. 100 sheets in all.

Strathmore paper - 05

Strathmore paper - 06

Strathmore paper - 07

Strathmore paper - 08

Strathmore paper - 09
The few pictures above are for the Strathmore Art Journal Kit. Mine's the turqoise cover. There are also purple, orange, hot pink and lime green.

The kit includes handmade, recycled paper, and artist quality drawing paper.

There are a couple of pages in front with ideas on what you can do with this sketchbook. Collage, that's what. And also drawing. There's no mention of the paper weight, but I say it's around 150gsm. Paper's quite thick. There are 36 sheets in total.

Strathmore paper - 10
Strathmore Radiant Gloss Inkjet Paper. Hmmmm.... I'm trying to figure out how I can use this since I don't have an inkjet paper.

Strathmore paper - 11
Strathmore Writing Pad is a relatively new product if I'm not wrong.

It features acid-free, 25% cotton paper (90gsm). There are non-photo blue dotted lines, only on one side. It's meant to be a write, tear, throw pad. The surface texture is really nice, I think primarily because of the cotton content. It feels really good.

Thank you Strathmore, but I can only review them in a few months time. You see, I prefer to write my review after I completely fill my sketchbooks. That's why my reviews for sketchbooks take so long!

You can find Strathmore products at and Utrecht Art Supplies


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