Review: PencilLovers 2 Leather Pen Tips

Review samples provided by PencilLovers

PencilLovers have just released the Apple Pencil leather pen tips with the screw-on design. The price is USD 20 not including shipping.

This is a significant improvement over the original slip-on design from 2 years ago. These new leather pen tips are available in either brown or black and are made with genuine leather.

The leather has some thickness so it will make the pen tip slightly bigger. But overall, it still looks good and does not block the line of sight to the lines.

Accuracy, tilt and pressure sensitivity are not affected.

The leather pen tip is smoother than silicone pen tips but has more resistance than the original plastic Apple Pencil tips. This will not give you the tactile or paper-like drawing experience since you're still drawing on glass. This feels more like running your finger over glass. This also dampens the tapping sound.

Overall drawing experience is good. I've only used this for a few weeks so I can't say how durable the pen tip will be.

As to whether it's worth the money, you can decide.

To buy PencilLovers 2, visit their Etsy store.

Sketched with PencilLovers 2

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