PencilLover leather pen tip cover for Apple Pencil (review)

This is a leather pen cap made by PencilLover for the Apple Pencil.

The price is US$19 and there's only one in the small tin case.

There are no seams and stitching on the leather. I wonder how it's made.

This pen cap is designed to provide more friction for the Apple Pencil tip when writing and drawing. The leather texture just provides slightly more texture but it's kinda as smooth as the plastic Apple Pencil tip on glass. The leather does dampen the tapping sound quite noticeable.

There's some thickness to the leather. It's going to make the tip more bulky. Not sure how long this will last though.

Pressure sensitivity isn't affected at all. That's good.

Tilt sensitivity is also not affected. Unlike the rubber pen tips I've reviewed which will come off when shading with the Apple Pencil on the side, the leather pen cap seem to attach more securely to the tip.

The leather pen cap doesn't affect the accuracy of the Apple Pencil at all.

Overall writing and drawing experience is slightly better than using the Apple Pencil with its plastic tip. I enjoy using this pen cap but I'm not sure if it's a necessary purchase. It's as smooth as the Apple Pencil just without the tapping sounds. There's not paper-like feel when drawing with this pen cap, and it's not a bad thing.

This is a good alternative to using a matte screen protector to get the tactile drawing experience though. Matte screen protectors affect image quality of the display, sometimes significantly. While the leather pen cap is more expensive than some matte screen protectors (I'm not referring to the questionable branded ones), it does allow you to retain the image quality of your display.

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