Review: MagFit iPad Pro Magnetic Stand and Docking Station

Review unit provided by Magfit

This MagFit iPad Pro magnetic stand and docking station is priced at US $199. Magnetic tablet stands are common but magnetic stands that also doubles as a docking station or hub are rare, and that's the selling point of this product.

Video review

Here's my 12-min video review.

These are the different iPad models compatible with the magnetic stand and hub.

The items included are a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, USB-C to Lightning charging cable, and a draw string flannel bag.

Build quality of the stand is excellent. All the parts are made with metal.

The stand is foldable so it can be made more compact for transport.

The ports on the back are HDMI, USB 2, RJ45 Ethernet and USB-C for power.

Ports on the left are 3.5mm audio jack, two USB 3.1 with transfer speeds up to 500MB/s (tested).

Ports on the right are micro SD and full-size SD card, and USB-C video (host).

The magnets are so strong that it's unlikely you'll accidentally knock the iPad off the stand.

This stand should work well with Apple Stage Manager. You can connect the iPad Pro to the hub, and connect the hub via HDMI to an external display. In most ads and reviews that features Stage Manager, the iPads were used with the Apple Magic Keyboard. That's because Stage Manager requires a keyboard and mouse to be connected. This MagFit stand is a good alternative for those who don't have or want the Magic Keyboard, but of course you'll have to use your own keyboard and mouse/touchpad.

Magfit also sells a US $49 silicone hard case that works with the magnetic stand. Yep, it's pricy. Silicone case and folio that work with magnetic stands are not common. The only other case that works with magnetic stand that I know of is the Pitaka MagEz case and folio.

If you're using your own case or flip-case, you'll have to remove the iPad Pro from the case before you can attach it to the magnetic stand. The magnets are strong but not strong enough to go through a case.

This silicone case provides good protection on all four sides. There's also a slot to hold the Apple Pencil. The power and volume buttons still have audible clicks when pressed.

The hinge allows for rotation as well.


The MagFit iPad Pro magnetic stand and dock looks good and works as advertised. It's a stand that also doubles as a dock or hub so it's very functional.

The price is much more expensive at US $199 vs a typical iPad magnetic stand which is around US $70 - 80 though. If you're using the iPad Pro as your main computing device, it may be worth the money to invest in a good stand, and this from MagFit is a good one. And iPad stands that are also docks/hubs are rare. If you know of alternatives, let me and others know in the comments section below.

The main downside is there are no USB-C output ports. In other words, you can't connect to an external display or external storage via USB-C.

The other downside is there's this soft electric coil whine that you can hear if your ear is next to the dock but otherwise is not audible with ambient noise. The stand only needs to be connected to external power when you're using USB devices that require more power, e.g. external spinning hard drives.

The last downside is the tablet will wobble when typing on it. All the turning hinges are stiff and tight but there's still wobble when typing. You can fold the stand at certain angles to minimise the wobble but there will still be some wobble.

If you're interested to get this stand, you can find it on MagFit online store.


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