Review: Pitaka MagEz Magnetic iPad Stand

Review unit provided by Pitaka

There are so many iPad magnetic stands in the market that it's difficult to stand out. Pitaka MagEz Magnetic iPad Stand does stand out thanks to some of its features that are not available with other stands.

Key features

  • The base has 15W wireless charging
  • The stand can be used with a case
  • The stand can be used with a flip cover folio

Prices of the MagEZ stand, MagEZ Case 2 and MagEZ Folio are US $99, $69 and $39 respectively. You can get some discounts off bundle purchase but you'll still be looking at a price tag close to US $200. This is one of the more pricy iPad magnetic stands I've reviewed, and I've reviewed a lot.

For me the main selling point here you can use the stand with a flip-cover folio.

Most magnetic iPad stands require you to use your iPad without a case because the magnets aren't strong enough to hold the iPad with a case on, no matter how thin the case is. There are actually iPad cases you can buy that can work with generic iPad magnetic stands, such as the silicone magnetic case sold by Magfits, BUT there are no flip-cover folios that work with iPad magnetic stands at least from what I know.

The MagEZ Case 2 and Folio are two separate products that work together. The case is very slim case with no front protection. But you can attach the case with magnets onto the folio and now you have front protection and can place your iPad Pro in your bag with other items.

This is a smart design that I have not seen from other companies at the time of writing this review. There are also cut outs for the cameras and Apple Pencil.

The downside of course is the price of the case and folio is around US $100 - $110. Very pricey.

The other downside is the case is very slim and will only protect against scratches but not from knocks or drops.

If you want front protection for the iPad display, there isn't many other options currently in the market. The other option is to get a generic folio case that you have to take on and off each time you want to put the iPad onto the magnetic stand. Imagine the hassle.

You have to assemble the stand yourself with the screws provided. Screw driver is also provided.

A 15W wireless charging is built into the case and there's a small light indicate beneath the base.

This is the part that attached to the case. The magnets are strong but because the attachment is small, you will need to hold the iPad and stand properly with two hands when you're adjusting the tilt or rotation. With other magnetic iPad stands, I can adjust tilt and rotation with one hand.

The stand looks good and works great. This is a very functional design. If you have the budget, I'm sure you will be satisfied with this product.

If you're interested to get the Pitaka MagEz Magnetic iPad Stand, you can find it on Pitaka online store and on Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)


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