Review: Art Toolkit with the new Pocket Palette

Makers of the original Pocket Palette are back with new models and more products.

That was the Pocket Palette I have since 2015.

It still works but some of the pans are slightly rusty even though the metal pans are said to be made of stainless steel.

You can now get this pans in various sizes.

You can now use a larger pan to hold more paint for colours that you use often.

I also like the extra large square pans because I put water there for washing my brushes. I don't always use waterbrushes.

The Pocket Palette will come with some pans that you can choose. Should you need more metal pans, or want to try different configuration for pan layouts, you can purchase the extra pans separately.

One good improvement the new model has made is now the sides of the mixing area are bent to prevent water from running out. It's not a complete seal but it's good enough to prevent water from spilling onto the table.

In addition to the Pocket Palette, there's also the Mini Sketch Set that features an even smaller box with pans.

This is obviously very compact and lightweight. The only downside is it's not going to hold a lot of paint. So this is good for only painting small to medium size watercolour art. You'll also need to use a small brush.

All the pocket palettes can be bought as standalone or you can choose to buy them together with a carrying case called the Art Toolkit.

There's the The Art Toolkit (US $108) and The Pocket Art Toolkit (US $98), as shown above.

The Art Toolkit is larger and has more pockets to hold more items.

The Art Toolkit can fit an A5 sized sketchbook while the Pocket Art Toolkit can only fit an A6 sized sketchbook.

You can definitely fit multiple Pocket Palettes in the case. It's quite a convenient way to pack everything together.

Watch this detailed video review to see the products up close.

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