Parblo's Black Friday Sale 2018

Parblo has sent me a list of products that going on sale from Black Friday (Nov 23) to Cyber Monday 2018 (Nov 26). They are all at 20% off on so this is a great chance to get them should you need a graphics tablet or pen display.

Alright, here are the products on discount and what I think of them. I've detailed reviews for some of them should you need to read up more.

All links below are to the discount pages on Amazon, unless it's to my full review.

Parblo Coast16 ( )
The 15.6-inch is a good size to draw on, and with the matte surface it is comfortable to work with. The 1080P resolution for a screen this size makes everything appear sharp and the colours are decent. Build quality is good. The finishing and design are nice. Full review here.

Parblo Coast16 with stand usual price is US $429, deal price is $342.8. Parblo Coast16 (alone) usual price is US $399, deal price is $318.99.

Parblo PR 100 stand -
One thing about using all these pen displays and graphics tablets is, they lay flat on the table unless you prop them up.

The Parblo PR 100 stand is a well designed stand that can prop up any device from 15 to 90 degrees, making it more comfortable for you to draw for long periods of time. This stand can also be used for laptops and tablets.

Parblo PR100 stand usual price is US $39.8, deal price is $31.80.

Parblo Mast10 -
The Parblo Mast10 is one of the smaller and more portable pen displays from the company. The drawing performance is great, similar to the larger Parblo pen displays. Since this pen display is smaller, the price is also more afforable. Full review here

Parblo Mast10's usual price is US $229, deal price is $182.99.

Parblo Coast22 -
Coast22 is the largest pen display from Parblo. This is for those who need a large screen, who wants to see things large, who wants to draw more comfortably without feeling the limitation of space. I've not reviewed this unit before but you can check out the reviews on Amazon.

Usual US $469, deal price $375

Parblo Pearl P10 -
This is a tablet for writing quick notes. It's battery powered so you can put it anywhere. To get a blank slate, you just hit the erase button and you can write again. No more sticky notes. Full review here

Usual price is US $24.99, deal price is $19.99

Parblo A4S Lightbox with carrying case ( ) and Parblo A4S (alone) ( )
The Parblo A4S LED lightbox is an essential device for tracing work. This is great for comic artists who pencil their sketches, and want to ink them later on. The LED lighting is bright and allows you to see the lines you're tracing clearly. LED can last for thousands of hours so you can expect the product to last for a long time.

A4S with case usual price is US $47.99, deal price is $37.99
A4S alone usual price is US $42.99, deal price is $34.29

Parblo A609 graphics tablet -
This is one of the tablets I always recommend whenever I get asked by viewers on my Youtube channel to recommend them a good tablet. The Parblo A609 supports up to 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, has tilt sensitivity, design looks sleek, has a comfortable 5.25 by 8.25-inch working area, and the pricing is very affordable.

Oh, the styluses for all the products mentioned above do not need charging. So there's no need to fear the pen running out of battery life while drawing.

Usual price is US $45.99, deal price is $36.79.


The discounts will be available for Black Friday (Nov 23) to Cyber Monday 2018 (Nov 26).

If you're a beginner looking to buy your first graphics tablet or pen displays, I would suggest the following...

Parblo A609 for less than US $40 is a seriously good deal for those with limited budget.

If you feel like it's more natural to draw on a screen, and have limited budget, I recommend the Mast10. You can save some money here and upgrade to a larger screen in the future. If you have more budget, a larger screen is more comfortable to work with, in that case check out the Parblo Coast16. These two smaller pen displays are great if you already have a monitor because they don't take up much table space. For those who want one main screen to work on, consider the Parblo Coast22.

Do check out the full reviews that I've written should you need more details. Or check out even more reviews on Amazon.

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