Review: Parblo Pearl P10 10" LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Board

Few weeks ago, Parblo asked if I wanted to review a writing tablet for them. The review does not sound too difficult to do so I asked them to send a review unit over.

You can think of the Parblo Pearl P10 (Amazon US) as a small electronic blackboard.

The whole plastic construction makes the product feels very lightweight. The build quality is alright. It does flex a bit when you try to bend it.

It comes with a stylus for writing but you can just use any hard point stylus to write on it. The stylus does not require battery to operate. The tablet detects pressure to create a stroke. For example, you can't use your fingers to write but you can use your fingernails to.

The unit itself is powered by a CR2032 battery. This is the type of battery commonly used in clocks so you can find them easily at shops that sells clocks, or on eBay.

The main use of this tablet is to make temporary notes or quick drawings. For example, you can write down your to-do list of the day, list for grocery shopping. It might be useful to fix a magnet behind it and stick this to a fridge door. Not sure if the magnet would affect the device or not though.

Should you need to erase, you just press the button at the bottom of the tablet and the screen is wiped clean. There's no way to erase certain parts of the screen, or any undo feature. You start with a clean slate each time you erase.

The default colour of the screen is black. Strokes that appear on it appear to be light blue. The contrast is good enough for reading. I feel that it might be better to have a white screen with black strokes, such as what you see on the Amazon Kindle.

The screen size is 10-inches and it's a comfortable size to work with.

The Parblo Pearl P10 is currently sold on Parblo web store and Amazon US.

It's available either separately or with a bundled wool carrying case.

Overall, it's a straightforward device to use. It can't be more simple.

Lastly, Parblo has a Youtube channel that you can check out at

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