October 2020 Reviews Roundup

Here are the artbooks and supplies featured in October 2020.


  1. Sketching from the Imagination: Anime & Manga
  2. Ten Years Off by Andrea Scodellaro
  3. Guweiz: The Art of Gu Zheng Wei
  4. Science and Fiction: Concept Art from Pixoloid Studios
  5. TO:KY:OO by Liam Wong

Product reviews

  1. iPad Air 2020 vs Samsung Tab S7
  2. PRISM+ C315 Max 4K HDR400 monitor
  3. Ergotune Supreme (ergonomic chair)
  4. iPad Air 2020
  5. Staedtler Mars Technico 780 lead holder
  6. Waterproof Fountain Pen Inks for Drawing
  7. BlueDew flex nib fountain pen
  8. Sailor Specialty Nib: New 2018 vs Old Pre-2016
  9. Sailor Cross Concord Specialty Nib Fountain Pen
  10. Benu Tropical Voyage pen (Euphoria series)
  11. How to record art videos with your phone
  12. Essential Art Supplies and Tools for Beginners
  13. PRISM+ W280 Max 4K HDR10 monitor
  14. Marbleous Watercolour Sketchbook by Wiltfried Pathuis

Online courses

  1. Illustration Techniques to Unlock Your Creativity by Adolfo Serra
  2. Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective by Lapin

Youtube videos

  1. Koh I Noor Polycolor coloured pencils (review)
  2. Modern Watercolor Botanicals – BEAUTIFUL BOOK! (review)
  3. Sailor Cross Concord Specialty Nib (review)
  4. iPad Air 2020 (artist review)
  5. Hong Kong Airport Sketch (timelapse)
  6. Got the iPad Air 4 at Apple Marina Bay Sands
  7. PRISM+ W280 Max 4K IPS monitor (review)
  8. Hanging out at a Skateboard Shop (Longboard Love)
  9. Can Digital Watercolour Match the Charm of Real Watercolour?
  10. Royal London by John Cleave (book review)
  11. How to Draw Directly With Ink
  12. Review: Benu Tropical Voyage (Euphoria series)
  13. How to Record Art Videos with Your Phone
  14. Quill vs Mop Brushes
  15. Behind the scenes with MOE STAR, OneDash22 & USK SG
  16. TO:KY:OO by Liam Wong (book review)
  17. Review: Veikk A15 Pro drawing tablet
  18. Q&A on running an art channel on Youtube
  19. Painting a crab-thingy with Sodalite Genuine (sketching tutorial)
  20. Why would it matter if I'm a local or tourist, Capitol Singapore?

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Teoh, thanks for all you do.

Teoh, thanks for all you do. Could you please direct me to black inks that are NOT waterproof? I love to draw and then go back with water to create shadows. Wondering if there are any cartridges for fountain pens that are not waterproof ink.
Thanks again.

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