Book Review: Guweiz: The Art of Gu Zheng Wei

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Gu Zheng Wei is a digital artist based in Singapore. This guy is talented, hardworking and his story is inspiring.

This is one of those illustrator artbooks from 3dtotal Publishing made possible through crowdfunding. The Kickstarter campaign for this book was backed by 5,590 backers for a total of £311,608. Incredible.

This large format 152 page hardcover book features the character illustrations of Guweiz complete with plenty of first person commentary on his art career, motivation and advice for beginner artists. There are also several step-by-step tutorials which show his workflow and conceptualisation. There's plenty to insights to be found.

FYI, Singapore is a country with compulsory conscription and Guweiz served two years in the army. Serving the army is kinda mind numbing but this guy actually used his weekend to draw and practice. After he got out of army, he studied pharmacy in university but eventually dropped out to focus on his illustration career. That's discipline and dedication. He also talks about motivation in a way many can relate to. For example, he talks imposter syndrome and artist mentality, like how artists should not just copy the style of other artists, and just like everyone you know, he also has bouts of procrastination.

So this artbook is not just about art but a personal look at Guweiz life and the work he did to make him become what he is today.

This is a fantastic book for his fans and digital artists.

You can see more of his work at

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Hello Teoh,

Hello Teoh,

I have a question. First, thanks a lot for the review. I already bought a book through Kickstarter, but what I've got is not clear and crisp as what you have shown in the video. The book's images alongside the prints that I received were dark, and you barely see the details in some images and prints. i.e., 00:19 in the video, the girl with the cat in the swimming pool I cannot see her face the buildings in the background besides the water I am disappointed, but can I ask you where you get your book from? And if the book in the video is not yours, can you confirm that your book is clear, vibrant, and bright, as you see in the video? Specially this image 00:19? In that case, I might buy a new one if it's clear, as shown in the video.

Thank You,

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