Illustration Techniques to Unlock Your Creativity by Adolfo Serra (online course review)

Adolfo Serra is an illustrator from Spain who is known for his beautiful mixed media art created for children books.

Illustration Techniques to Unlock Your Creativity is a 3hr+ online course that teaches you how he creates with mixed media, and where he get his ideas from.

This course is suitable for beginners with no prior knowledge of drawing.

Note that this course is in Spanish but English subtitles are provided.

This is a mixed media art course so you'll need a few art supplies, actually a lot more if you actually want to follow along with every exercise.

The tools used in the course are watercolour and brushes, watercolour pencils, markers, nib, ink, greasy waxes, solvent, turpentine, and natural pigments such as walnut ink, caobina, and turmeric.

If you don't have the tools, chances are you will feel the urge to buy them straight after watching the lessons because they are incredibly inspiring and will create that urge in you to create.

The course starts off by talking about his inspiration and the artists he admire. It's cool to see where he gets his ideas from, and it's always cool to check out the work from other artists.

The drawing exercises are all hands on and involves drawing a certain subject using mixed media. Instructions are easy to follow along and there are plenty of tips shared.

The drawing lessons are fun and inspiring. You'll also get to learn about the different types of media and their characteristics. Using mixed media really is a nice way to change how you think because each media requires different usage.

Adolfo Serra also flips through a few of his sketchbooks and his art is gorgeous.


This is an incredibly inspiring and insightful course. It really made me go "wow" with the possibilities of creation. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get inspired, or explore their creativity. After watching this, I'm very sure you will feel the urge to create.

You can see more of art from Adolfo Serra on Facebook, Behance, Instagram and his blog.

5 out of 5 stars

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I used to love courses from

I used to love courses from Domestika as the artists are really making fantastic works.However, I feel maybe is the marketing strategy , they tend to have the camera focus more on the artist than what is art process presented infront of the camera.In the end . I don't really catch the main focus of the course. I feel art courses from Udemy are more value added as the camera really focus on the art process and though their lessons are longer, but I really leant alot through Udemy,

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review! Although it's the first time I write a comment, I've been knowing your page for many years, always appreciated your art book reviews since importing to mexico sometimes' a complete pain and to have something not worth the money it's hella annoying. Since some school-related work I ended watching some promos Domestika has and this course (and a few others) are costing about 9 usd, the title of this one caught my eye, but wasn't sure if it would be a good invest (some of the workshops they have seem to me a tad overpriced). However I've trusted your good-eye for years, so this won't be any different! Again, thanks a lot for your site, it's been super helpful across the time <3

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