October 2019 Roundup


  1. 101 Sketching Tips: Tricks, Techniques, and Handy Hacks for Sketching on the Go
  2. Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Drawing
  3. Miss Jisu Drawing Book 1
  4. Marvel Secret Work Dell'Otto 1998-2016
  5. Jean-Baptiste Monge Sketchbook Vol 2
  6. Black Book: The Art of Graham Nolan
  7. The Art of Bravest Warriors
  8. Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection

Product reviews

  1. The Mini Palette v2 (2019) from Peggy Wong
  2. Cobalt Green PG50 vs Cobalt Teal Blue PG50
  3. XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Pen Display (vs Artist 13.3 Pro)
  4. Etchr Mini Palette
  5. iPad 7 (2019)

Youtube videos

  1. Pentel Stylo: Great for Watersoluble Ink Sketching
  2. Sketching with Watersoluble ink
  3. This $2 Watercolour is Really Bad
  4. The Mini Palette v2 by Peggy Wong
  5. Book Review: Taichung Stroll Along the City
  6. 1 or 2 colour quick watercolour sketch
  7. Review: Arkademie Somerset watercolour sketchbook
  8. 10 things about Adobe Fresco (review)
  9. Cobalt Green PG50 vs Cobalt Teal Blue PG50
  10. XP-Pen Artist 12 vs 13.3 Pro (Pen Display Review)
  11. 101 Sketching Tips by Stephanie Bower (book review)
  12. Etchr Mini Palette (review)
  13. Aquazol vs Gum Arabic Watercolour
  14. Scmincke Aureolin Hue, Bordeaux, Prussian Blue (Limited Palette)
  15. Sketching again with my Fude Nib (tutorial part 1/2)
  16. Review: Offline Journal by Jaya Nicely
  17. Stephen Quiller Watercolor Review
  18. iPad 7 (2019) handwriting & note taking
  19. New Church Amsterdam (sketch tutorial)
  20. Best Pen Displays of 2019 (the Wacom alternatives)
  21. Urban Sketchers: Then & Now (AsiaLink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2019)
  22. Book Review: Thailand Sketchbook: Portrait of the Kingdom
  23. These sketchers can dance!! (AsiaLink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2019 - Day 5/5)
  24. The taxi scam is real (AsiaLink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2019 - Day 4/5)
  25. Night sketch in Hanoi (AsiaLink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2019 - Day 3/5)
  26. Almost 400 sketchers! (AsiaLink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2019 - Day 2/5)
  27. It's great to be back (AsiaLink Sketchwalk Hanoi 2019 - Day 1/5)
  28. Artist Review: iPad 7 (2019) 10.2-inch

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