iPad Pro 11 detachable keyboard case from Goojodoq

Review sample provided by Goojodoq

The latest keyboard case from Goojodoq is designed for the iPad Air (2020, 2022) and iPad Pro 11 (2018 - 2022). This new design features a detachable wireless keyboard, Apple Pencil charging and has portrait orientation deployment.

The price of this keyboard case at the time of review is from SGD 91 onwards and is available on Shopee SG and Lazada SG. This product looks like a white label product so don't be surprised if you see it marketed under a different brand.

Bottom line
This keyboard case has a lot of utility and is worth the money on that alone. Build quality is good and typing experience is satisfactory enough. The main downside is for the review sample that I have, the spacebar register presses properly only when it's pressed nearer to the centre. The other downside is the keyboard case adds substantially more weight and thickness but it's still quite portable.

The only things included in the box is the keyboard case and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable.

The exterior is made with some synthetic or PU leather material. It can get some fingerprints on it but those can be wiped off easily.

This keyboard case will make the tablet two times thicker and is quite heavy too. Overall together with an 11-inch tablet, it's still considered quite portable.

There are cutouts for speakers, mic, camera, power button, USB-C port and Apple Pencil. The volume buttons work well.

The detachable keyboard will attach to the tablet case with a magnetic flap. The case provides full protection for the tablet and Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil can be charged while stored away, and there's a little cut out on the side to let you remove the Apple Pencil easily.

The built-in kickstand folds down from the top.

The kickstand has a small fold at one end that allows for portrait orientation deployment. In portrait orientation, the keyboard has to be detached.

The magnetic flap of the keyboard can be folded into a triangle to prop up the keyboard slightly.

The nice thing about this design is you can detach the keyboard to use your tablet separately.

That's the tablet case on my universal tablet stand.

If you are using an iPad with Stage Manager external display support, you can connect an external display to the tablet. Stage Manager requires keyboard and mouse/touchpad to work.

The size of the keyboard is smaller than standard size so it will take some time to get use to the size. Many of the keys on the right side are made much narrower to fit.

The keys feel slightly plasticky but thankfully not hollow. Typing experience is mostly satisfactory with comfortable key travel.

There is an extra row of shortcut keys that provide controls for brightness, app switcher, search, mic, playback, volume, lock and Bluetooth pairing.

For some reason, the Caps Lock key serves as a language switch key instead.

Main downside of the keyboard is the spacebar usually does not register when pressed on the sides with my thumb. So the workaround is to use my index finger to press the spacebar closer to the middle away from the side. Using the spacebar this way takes some time to get used to.

The keyboard is backlit with several gradated colour options including just white. The only lighting movement available is breathing. To adjust the backlight brightness and movement, you have to use the Fn key shortcut.

Charging is via USB-C. Battery life is rated for 150 hours of continuous use without backlight enabled. Backlight will turn off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity. Keyboard will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. Powering on and getting a connection takes 2-3 seconds.

The touchpad is kinda small. The touchpad supports basic finger navigation gestures and additional iPad gestures. You may have to adjust the touchpad tracking speed from Settings-General-Touchpad as the original movement is quite restricted. If iPad gestures do not work, they have to be enabled from Settings-General-Gestures.

I find that when I have the AssistiveTouch button, double-finger swipe to scroll sometimes doesn't work with the first or first few tries. That's something for you to troubleshoot if you're facing the same issue.

Vs the floating keyboard

Shown on the right is the Goojodoq floating keyboard that I reviewed a few months ago.

The pros and cons of that keyboard are:

+Tablet can removed easily
+ Full-size keyboard typing experience
+ Can be used comfortably on lap
+ Raises the tablet slightly
- Does not protect the sides of the tablet
- Does not have Apple Pencil holder

As the time of writing, this newer keyboard case is not available for the iPad Pro 12.9.


I like this keyboard case since I find it very useful. My main issue is with the spacebar that doesn't register properly when pressed on the sides, but at least that still works when pressed from the centre. My user experience is mostly positive. It's just that I have to take some time to get used to the smaller keyboard.

Pros and cons at a glance
+ Good looking design
+ Detachable design with full protection for tablet
+ Stand can be used vertically
+ Affordable size
+ Backlit with colour options
+ Holder for Apple Pencil supports charging
+ Compatible with Stage Manager
+ USB-C charging
- No home button for keyboard
- Heavy
- Hitting the spacebar by the side doesn't work
- Short width keys on the right


This keyboard case is available from Shopee SG, Xiapibuy, Lazada SG and Goojodoq online store

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