Review: Benks Infinity Basic Tablet Stand

Review sample provided by Benks

This is the Infinity Basic Tablet Stand sold by Benks and is priced at US $65.99 with shipping included. This is a pricey stand but it's a well designed and well made stand, just like the other tablet stands from Benks that I have reviewed.

The main selling point here is this stand can work with any tablet, and the stand can rotate.

There's a latch at the bottom to hold the tablet. This design means you can use whichever tablet you want on this stand. It can hold iPad Pros, Huawei MatePads, Samsung tablets and even the 11.9mm thick Huion Kamvas Studio 16 shown in the first photo.

There's rubber padding support on the back and bottom.

The hinge is strong.

The downside of this stand is the tablets cannot be deployed vertically and they will topple forward. You can still deploy the tablet almost vertically, just not perfectly vertical, e.g. 90 degrees.

The base will rotate with audible clicking sound.

It is actually possible to put a drawing tablet on it and draw on it. You have to make sure the stem is vertical enough because a low angled stand will still move down as you exert pressure with your resting palm.

This nice thing about this setup is it brings the drawing tablet higher and closer to you so that you don't have to hutch your back while drawing.

But ideally for drawing purposes, you do not want a stand that rotates so as to minimise any movement.

If you're using iPads or Samsung tablets, there are actually magnetic stands made specially for those tablets. But if you want a tablet stand that can work with multiple tablets, this one from Benks is great. When you upgrade your tablet, you can use it with the next tablet too. The metal build quality ensures that this will last for a lifetime. The only thing I could not test is how well the hinge will hold its stiffness with usage over time.

This is a versatile stand with the only limitation being the tablet cannot be deployed 90% perpendicular to the table.

This stand is available at Benks online store, and may be available from Shopee SG and Lazada SG.

By the way, Benks is also selling a rotating laptop stand (US $99.99) that looks exactly like this tablet stand.


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