Goojodoq Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11

Review sample provided by Goojodoq

Goojodoq, the company that sent me this, calls this keyboard case the "Goojodoq for ipad floating keyboard wireless bluetooth keyboard Case Backlight with full area touchpad for Air 4 Pro 11 12.9 2021 2020". LOL. They are just ramming the keywords into the title.

For this review, I'm calling this product the Goojodoq Magic Keyboard, or the GMK. This keyboard case is just SGD 152 at the time of review, and that's around USD 111.

And for your reference, this is how much the original Apple Magic Keyboard cost.

  • M2 iPad Pro (6th gen, 2022) - SGD 533.90, USD 349
  • M2 iPad Pro 11 (4th gen, 2022), iPad Air (5th gen, 2022)- SGD 453.15, USD 299

Bottom: Goojodoq has done an incredible job replicating the Apple Magic Keyboard with this knock-off. The GMK looks, feels and even smells like the original, and is selling for almost one third the price. You can base your purchasing decision just based on that statement alone. This is impressive. The downsides are similar to the original. This keyboard case is kinda thick and will add significant weight to the tablet.

By the way, Goojodoq also has another version for the iPad Pro 12.9 and that comes with built-in battery. This has function shortcuts and the typing experience is decent. Downside is it's quite heavy.

I've also reviewed another Goojodoq keyboard case (SGD 91) where the case can be detached from the keyboard. This provides full protection for the tablet, has Apple Pencil holder, has function shortcuts, and has internal battery.. The downside is the keyboard feels cheap, but it is cheap.

Build quality of the GMK is really good. The keyboard deck feels like metal, probably is, and is almost impossible to flex unless you use extreme force. The downside is this keyboard case is quite heavy. The weight is 703g. The iPad Pro 11 is 466g. So the total weight with the tablet is 1.169kg. That is even heavier than the 1kg ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED laptop I reviewed recently.

The combined thickness of the front and back is thicker than the tablet. Overall, it still looks pretty compact and is still portable.

The cut-out is for the squarish camera module found on the iPad Pro 11 (2020, 2021, 2022) models. I suppose the iPad Pro 11 (2018) is also supported but you're like five years late when buying this keyboard. The surface material is matte textured, smooth and feels good.

The inner side of the cover has velvet surface that provides cushion for the back of the tablet. This keyboard uses Bluetooth for pairing but draws power from the tablet using the connectors on the case.

Goojodoq is also selling this optional accessory that can prevent the Apple Pencil from dislodging accidentally. It's magnetic and sticks to the keyboard case.

The Apple Pencil can still attach to the side of the iPad Pro for charging for the Apple Pencil holder isn't really necessary.

The keyboard layout is almost identical to the Apple Magic Keyboard except some keys differ in size. There are no function key shortcuts just like the original. The main difference is the right Option key has been replaced with a shortcut for keyboard backlight with three brightness settings to choose from. And the backlight can shine through the letters.

Typing experience is surprisingly good. The keys are well made and do not feel cheap at all. The keys have good travel and feedback. These keys feel like keys you may find on quality laptop keyboard.

The GMK has auto-sleep feature. When opened, the tablet floats above the keyboard. Unfortunately, the cover and tablet cannot be bent too low. This means the CMK isn't ideal for use on the lap. This keyboard case is meant to be used on a table. The cheap keyboard case with the cheap keys that I mentioned earlier works better on the lap.

The GMK is definitely worth the money especially when you compare it to the Apple Magic Keyboard which is seriously overpriced. This keyboard case looks good, is well made and works great, and is quite affordable especially when you consider the quality. Goojodoq makes many Apple accessories with varying quality. This keyboard case is probably their most well made product I've reviewed so far.


If you are in Singapore, you can buy the GMK from Shopee SG. Use coupon code GOOJCSHTY for SGD 15 off.

If you are in USA, try Amazon USA.

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