December 2021 Roundup

Happy New Year!

2021 was a rough year so I hope 2022 will be better. And I hope everyone's staying safe!

I just realised that I did not publish the monthly roundups for October and November 2021 but they are up now. You can see the past monthly roundups from this page:

It's been a busy year making all these reviews, text and videos included. I probably say that every year. I've also made several Skillshare courses in 2021 on sketching. As such I haven't been sharing much art on my Instagram or even on this blog.

By the way, if you know of any artists who are self publishing their artbooks, or if you're publishing your artbooks, feel free to contact me and I can help promote those books on this blog. That's assuming the artbooks are in line with type of artbooks I usually feature here.

And if you're an artist who has something to share regarding internet marketing or finding work, I invite you to contribute to the internet marketing articles I've been writing. You'll be able to help out other artists in the industry.

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Below are the artbooks and products featured in December 2021.


  1. The Art and Soul of Dune
  2. The Art of Mondo
  3. The Art of VIVO

Product reviews

  1. Clairefontaine Paint ON mixed media paper (250gsm)
  2. Phosbronze nib from Osprey Pens
  3. Baohong Watercolour Paper (Artist Grade)
  4. Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 (2021)
  5. Osprey Delta dip nib
  6. Viewsonic Woodpad Paper
  7. Staedtler Noris Digital replacement nibs (for S Pen too)
  8. Baohong Watercolour Paper (Student Grade 100% cotton)
  9. Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo stylus
  10. Viewsonic Notas pen display PD1330

Online courses

  1. Artistic Floral Watercolor: Connect with Nature

Youtube videos

  1. Swatching Watercolour from Blue Pine Arts
  2. Where to find copyright free photos for sketching
  3. PhosBronze flex nib from Osprey Pens
  4. Painting Shadows with Limited Palette
  5. Baohong Watercolour Paper review: Artist & Student Grade
  6. Sketching from the Imagination: Storytelling (book review)

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