Artistic Floral Watercolor: Connect with Nature (online art course)

Inga Buividavice is a Lithuanian graphic designer and watercolor artist based in Liverpool, England. She likes to paint subjects from nature.

Artistic Floral Watercolor: Connect with Nature is a course (3 hr 29 min) where you can learn to paint flowers in the expressive and lively style that Inga Buividavice is known for. This course is for beginners and no prior knowledge of art is required. All you need to follow along are the right tools, e.g. watercolour brushes, paint and paper. Shown above is the final project of the course.

The course starts with the basics of watercolour, going through the tools, painting techniques and colour theory.

There are many small exercises to paint. It's a very hands-on course where you learn as you paint.

All the instructions are step by step with close up. All the steps are shown. There's also a lot of insight. This is a great course to explore what you can do with watercolour and how the medium behaves. It's a lot of fun.

Be sure to check out more art from Inga Buividavice on her Instagram page. You can find many beautiful artworks and ideas to paint.

Check out this course by Inga Buividavice and reviews on Domestika.

Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

Disclosure: This course was provided free to me for this review. When you buy any course through the Domestika affiliate links, I earn some commission at not extra cost to you


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