Creative Watercolor Sketching for Beginners by Laura McKendry (online art course)

Laura McKendry is an artist, illustrator and educator based in London. She draws mostly with watercolour, ink and coloured pencil, and also loves experimenting with less than conventional media. Her art can be found in books and merchandise.

Creative Watercolor Sketching for Beginners is a hands-on course with exercises designed for beginners to explore and have fun with watercolour.

This course is not structured like typical watercolour courses and does go through the usual fundamentals like composition, perspective, depth, light and shadow. Most of the lessons are one-off projects where you can start creating art straightaway without any knowledge of art. And should you enjoy the exercises, you can then go on to seek out more watercolour on your own.

This is a course for beginners. Laura is very knowledgeable and generous with her tips. The exercises are very enjoyable. There are tips on warming up, care for your tools and ideas to try. This course could be the start of your artistic journey.

It's a insightful and informative course I can recommend easily to beginners.

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Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

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