Complementary colours for Stephen Quiller Watercolor

On each tube of Stephen Quiller Watercolor, the complementary colour is listed. Below are the colours I have and their complementary (arranged alphabetically).

If you have colours I don't have, let me know what you have so that I can add to this list.

  • Burnt Sienna PBr7 - Ultramarine Blue PB29
  • Cadmium Yellow Light PY35 - Ultramarine Violet PV15
  • Cobalt Blue PB28 - Permanent Orange PO62
  • Cobalt Blue Deep PB74 - Permanent Orange PO62
  • Hooker's Green PBr7 + PG7 - Mauve PV23
  • Quinacridone Magenta PR122 - Richeson Green PG7
  • Quinacridone Red PR202 - Richeson Green PG7, Viridian Green
  • Quinacridone Rose PV19 - Viridian, Richeson Green PG7
  • Richeson Blue (Phthalo) PB15:3 - Vermilion PO73
  • Richeson Green PG7 - Quinacridone Rose PR202, Rose Madder Deep PR264
  • Richeson Pyrrole Red Light PR255 - Richeson Turquoise PB15:3 + PG7
  • Rose Madder Deep PR206 - Richeson Green PG7, Viridian Green
  • Transparent Yellow Medium PY154 - Ultramarine Violet PV15
  • Ultramarine Deep Blue PB29 - Cadmium Orange PO20
  • Ultramarine Violet PV15 - Cadmium Yellow Light PY35
  • Venetian Red PR102 - Richeson Blue PB15:3
  • Vermilion PO73 - Richeson Blue (Phthalo) PB15:3

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