Book Review: Wonderland

Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew present a different take on Alice's Wonderland with a story told from the point of Mary Ann, housemaid of White Rabbit.

The adventure starts when Mary Ann goes on the run after hitting the Queen of Spades (accidentally) for dirtying her apron. We then follow the adventures of Mary Ann and White Rabbit as they journey through the magical world, interacting with the very other amusing characters.

The story is light-hearted and reads fast. Sonny Liew's sketchy and colourful style work very well here. Wonderland is always changing, nothing is certain, just as implied by the sketchy hurried lines, spotted backgrounds. There's also a certain manga element into Mary Ann's character, such as using multiple dots to simulate running and the nose-less portrait. The set and other characters are also very well designed. There's a good sense of personality in all the characters.

Overall, it's a very nice comic worth checking out, especially so when all the single issues are now collected in one volume.

Wonderland - 01

Wonderland - 02

Wonderland - 03

Wonderland - 04

Wonderland - 05

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