Book Review: Sonicomi Artbook: Super Sonico Picture Album

Sonicomi Artbook: Super Sonico Picture Album is a book that should appeal to a select group of fans, basically those who already know Sonico and those who like Japanese-style busty character pin-ups.

This 160-page paperback artbook is filled with full page and double page illustrations of the headphone-wearing Super Sonico. These illustrations are from all sort of publications, games, and merchandise. They are huge and well done.

Since the video game is about photo shoots, Sonico is always in various costumes and attire. Cosplay is a theme so you get to see Sonico donning some famous outfits such as those from Master Chief, Black Rock Shooter, vocaloid Hasune Miku and many more.

There are a few risqué images. Those that show cleavage (plenty) are considered mild by comparison.

This book was originally released in Japanese edition as ソニコミ アートブック ~すーぱーそに子写真集~. Udon translated it to English. There's not much text except a description for the game, and about her wardrobe and costumes.

If you like what you see on the cover, then you would probably like this book.

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The book's a review copy from Udon Entertainment.

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