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This project started a year ago. Back then, there was this idea to compile a book of sketches by passing a sketchbook around where each artist will contribute something. It's something like Sketchtravel and initially it was called Sketchtravel Singapore if I remember it correctly. Thankfully the name has changed to avoid potential trademark issues.

So after a year of passing three sketchbooks around in Singapore, Don Low, James Tan and Lisa Huang has put together this sketchbook.

I was told it's not cheap to print this 162-page paperback. Only 500 copies were printed and SGD $11,000 was spent. The good thing is this project is supported and funded by the SG50 Celebration Fund. The book is meant to be one of the mementos to celebrate the 50 years of independence of Singapore.

And because the book is supported by public funds, it's not for sale, at least not this year. If there are some leftover copies after giving them out for free, they would be put on sale next year.

61 contributors have their works featured. I know many of these people because they often go to the monthly sketchwalks. There are many I don't know of but there are photos in the book to put faces to the names. It's great to see so many contributions and so many pieces of beautiful art. I've one sketch in the book too, the one that was drawn on the public train while on the way to work.

The book is a squarish format. The binding is stitched and exposed. It can open flat which is nice. The paper quality is fantastic. In terms of production value, it's right up there with Urban Sketchers Singapore Vol. 1.

When I first received one of the sketchbooks to draw in, I was wondering how they are going to deal with the ugly gutter that goes through each piece of art. In this book, they put that gutter to coincide with the book's gutter so that you won't even notice the gutter was there. It works great.

The sketches featured are all drawn on location. They are scenes around Singapore. I love the variety of places that I see and also the different styles and medium used. Each person drew a place that was meaningful to them. There are accompanying text about the place and interviews with the artists.

Right at the back of the book, there are additional interviews with artists and the tools they used. Some of those interviews are actually taken from my blog from the Art Tools and Gears series. My tools are featured in the book.

The books will be given out on 22 and 29 August 2015 at the workshops at URA. Visit the Facebook page of Let's Draw! Singapore to find out more details.

I'll update this post again in the future when the books are allowed to be sold.

Let's Draw Singapore - 02

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That's my sketch!

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Let's Draw Singapore - 15
Funny photos of sketchers passing the sketchbook around.

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