Book Review: Concept Design 2

Book Review: Concept Design 2

This book is filled with beautiful prints from professional illustrators. There are concept designs for creatures, vehicles, environment (sci-fi and fantasy) and a few sketches. Each illustration is explained by the respective artist the concept behind and sometimes the workflow. The technical quality of work is great, as one can guess by the names of artists included.

This is actually a portfolio art book and not one that teaches concept design. The variety of style is great and ideas amazing.

The book is hardcover and the illustrations are printed on semi gloss paper. A lot of illustrations are given full page treatment. Some are printed a double-page pull out. They look really great printed big.

In terms of focus, the 17 guest artists are given over 30 pages compared to the 120 pages for the featured concept designers. If you like to see more of their artwork, the short biography pages at the back contains their website addresses.

Here's the list of 7 concept designers and guest artists:

Concept Design 2 - 01

Concept Design 2 - 02

Concept Design 2 - 03

Concept Design 2 - 04

Concept Design 2 - 05

Concept Design 2 - 06

Concept Design 2 - 07

Concept Design 2 - 08

Concept Design 2 - 09

Concept Design 2 - 10

Concept Design 2 - 11

Concept Design 2 - 12

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