Book Review: Black Panther: The Art of the Movie

This is a wonderful movie companion artbook for fans of the film, Black Panther or superhero stuff.

Instead of having 240 pages as listed on Amazon, it actually has 296 pages. So it's a pretty thick book, just like most of the Marvel movie artbooks before it. A slipcase is included with the hardcover.

This book is packed with concept art from start to end. The development art features character designs for Black Panther, Killmonger, Warrior Women of Wakanda, Klaue and the many citizens of Wakanda. There are lots of environment art too, of Wakanda. It's really cool to see the high-tech side of Wakanda as well as the more natural side. In the movie, Wakanda was always shown in short cutovers so it's great to be able to see so many other scenes from the city.

The art is fantastic. There's a mixture of highly detailed digital paintings as well as speed paintings. Environment art for Wakanda is particularly detailed. And the aerial shots make the city look really expansive. Even for speed paintings, they are done quite well too, and doesn't have the hasty unfinished feel.

Overall, this is really well worth the money.

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