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It's great to be back in the world of Toy Story. It's like meeting old friends with that feeling of nostalgia.

This book has 176 pages, 16 more pages that previous Pixar art books. You'll see new toys, colour scripts, storyboards, sculptures, sketches and some photographs. Some pieces of art from Toy Story 2 were also included. Many pieces of art are digitally created, which is how it's done these days. It doesn't take away anything though, the art is still good. Colour studies from Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo are beautiful, just like the one on the cover. And so are all the art from other artists.

The writeup is marvelous. There so much more to read compared to previous Pixar art books. I can see Author Charles Soloman has talked to a lot of people and done some good research. The commentary is filled with lots of quotes from the staff, interesting stories and insight into Toy Story. You'll read about the legacy of Toy Story, the updates to this movie, story sequences, the characters and other details right down to how Andy's neighbour decorates his lawn.

For the most part, the commentary is really about the plot and the characters. Nuances and deliberations to every story decisions are explained. Many of the ideas translated to screen are actually from personal life experiences. This film is clearly a piece of love for everyone who worked on it and you'll feel that love and level of commitment on every page you read.

I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of Pixar's most touching film to date.

Highly recommended. It's a great book.

In Toy Story 3, we deal with the point in time that concerns toys the most; being outgrown. They're at the threshold, as Andy has finished high school and is leaving for college. When you're broken, you can be fixed. When you're lost, you can be found. When you're stolen, you can be recovered. But there's no way to fix being outgrown by a child. - John Lasseter, executive producer

When we had out first screening, Lee and I invited everybody who'd worked on the original Toy Story and was still at Pixar. At the end of the movie, people were sobbing. A lot of that had to do with it being part of our life story. It reflects the birth of the company and the amazing journey we've been on ever since. - Darla K. Anderson, producer


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This is awesome! I can't wait

This is awesome! I can't wait till it comes out. One thing I have to ask is, does it spoil the ending? I know what happens up to the part where they end up at the daycare then I know a few other things here and there, but there are some things that I just don't know. Like how the movie ends and I don't want to buy the book to then read it and then spoil the entire movie for myself.

So is it ok to buy now? Or should I just wait till after June 18th and then buy it?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

@ JordonbAnimator But you

@ JordonbAnimator But you can buy it @ book , I live in the UK to, so might buy it there.
Although I won't read it until the movie comes out anyway!


Do you know if there are two

Do you know if there are two different covers for this book? One with just woody on the front? In stead of this cover with all of them on the front? Because I like this one more and will be dissapointed if I get the 'other cover".

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